Suppliers Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency


Suppliers Declare is part of Construction Declares, a global sustainability movement created to bring greater attention to the need for sustainable practices in supplying and manufacturing industries. It is both a public declaration of our planet’s environmental crises and a commitment to take positive action in response to climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse.

We know that we have just over a decade to address these global emergencies, or we risk catastrophic damage to the natural world. Yet as the earth’s life support systems come under increasing threat, the scale and intensity of urban development, construction, infrastructure, transportation, manufacturing, and energy production globally continues to expand, resulting in greater greenhouse gas generation and loss of habitat each year.

For everyone working in the field of supplying, meeting the needs of our societies without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries will demand a paradigm shift in our behaviour. If we are to reduce and eventually reverse the environmental damage we are causing, we will need to re-imagine our work as indivisible components of a larger, constantly regenerating, and self-sustaining system.

Such a transformation cannot happen without a wide-ranging declaration of intent, followed by committed action, international cooperation, and open source knowledge sharing. A united declaration will support more effective lobbying of policymakers and governments to show leadership and commit resources. The next few years will be decisive in shaping our collective future - now is the moment to act.

Suppliers Declare can be used by everyone involved in the supplying profession to declare their commitment to creating supplying outcomes that have positive impacts on the world around us.

Suppliers Declare is associated with Construction Declares where hundreds of firms, academic departments, and university students involved in the construction industry have made a declaration of climate and biodiversity emergency, acknowledging the extreme seriousness of our situation and making a public commitment to positive change.


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